Who am I?

I am a man of many loves. A free spirit, I love travelling, trekking, open spaces, music, movies, food, filter coffee, tea, conversations and absurd humour. While I live in the city of Bangalore, my mind is forever in the sounds and silence of the mountains.

My entry into the world of writing is fairly recent – in 2015, when my book ‘The Underage CEOs’ was released. Writing that book made me realize that writing is a form of expression inherent in me and that there are many more wonderful stories remaining to be told. This realization made me strike out into freelance travel and food writing. Many bylines later, my passion for telling stories remains undimmed and has taken the form of this blog.

In the compartmentalized, yet free-flowing life that I lead, I manage to carve out time for my other professional interests also; to wit, brand consulting and life coaching. While the former sees me helping companies build strong, differentiated brands, the latter sees me help people understand their true potential and successfully manage important transitions in their life (achieving that big dream, tiding over a crisis, finding one’s purpose in life, finding one’s feet in a new profession….things like that).

Eat, travel, laugh, love, help – that is my mantra.

Come, journey along with me. I promise you a fascinating journey.

Peace & love.