About this Blog

Unsettled: Not yet resolved; uncertain, open, evolving, unanswered, ambiguous.

I have never been settled in life. For as long as I can remember, I have been on the move. It started when we as a family had to move from town to town every two or three years, because my banker dad would get transferred. During summer vacation every year, there would be the mandatory travel to Thrissur and Desamangalam in Kerala, where my grandparents used to live. There would be other forays too, because dad and mum loved to travel.

Naturally, the love for travel seeped into my blood. This has led to various journeys from the time I hit college. I especially love trekking and anything else to do with the mountains. At the same time, I love to dive deep into culture, history and food too. Wherever I go, I walk around a lot, taking in the sights, sounds and aromas of life there. Interacting with locals gives me an insight into what makes them tick and the oneness of our life.

I travel close to the ground most of the time. And, I travel slowly. Wherever I go, I love taking buses, trains and autos, often even footing it over short distances. Observing and learning from local culture is important to me.  So is interacting with people along the way.

The very idea of moving from place to place and taking in experiences with humility, an open heart and empathy appeals enormously to me. It is the very antithesis of staying put in one place and being a frog in a well. It is the antithesis of a stable, settled, terribly monotonous and narrow existence. Heck, I want to look at life through a wide-angled lens. What’s life without wonder, uncertainty, adventure and discovery, eh?

And so, welcome to ‘An Unsettled Life’, my travel and food blog.

Through this, I try to look beyond the obvious, seeking out stories and experiences that throw a different light on places and people. I don’t intend this to be a conventional travel or food blog. I don’t want it to carry only my voice: what I did, saw, ate, experienced and so on. I want it to be a collective of voices from the fields of food and travel. Which means that, apart from my own experiences here, I will also feature several distinctive stories of others who are in these fields. Anything that is unusual, intriguing, impactful, compassionate or subaltern could find its way into this portal. I think this is a great way to enrich the lives of my readers and to give back to the community that has given me so much.

Join me as I wander about, encountering places, people, food and culture of all kinds. I hope you enjoy these experiences vicariously through my stories, pictures and videos. I want you to get inspired by them, and just pack a light bag and go.

Come, let’s live a thoroughly unsettled life.