Care Package For the Homeless

A thoughtful initiative by a young woman in Bangalore called Sreeja Sreedharan.

It is her personal project. She says: “I’ve put together a bag which contains essential things for a homeless person.

One bag contains:
2 pairs of clothes (track pants and t-shirts for men, salwar kameez for women. It’s in M/L sizes)
a pair of rubber slippers
an umbrella
a sweater
a sleeping mat
washing soap
bathing soap
a lice comb and few biscuits.
All this neatly packable into a backpack.

I’d like to hand this over to a homeless person living on pavements ,under the flyover etc. I see a few on my way to work everyday. I intend to carry one such backpack in my car at all times. The only checks I do is if the person is really homeless, not drunk and lying on the road. I do not intend to hand it out beggars at traffic signals or in front of religious places. I will hand this over purely on instinct and as I speak the local language it makes a little more easier to arrive at a decision.

This bag and it’s items, which could last for over a year costs Rs 2400. All materials are strictly sourced from small businesses, no corporates, no big retail chains.
If you would like to contribute to this little project, I request you not to just give the money but kindly zero down on a person (you would like to give it to) and let me know. I will put together a bag and hand it over to you, pick up from Bannerghatta Road or MG Road, payment in cash only.
I would be thrilled if the cost of the bag can be reduced, if anyone is aware of other viable options which will reduce costs further I’ll be happy to consider.”

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  1. sri October 15, 2017 at 9:29 am - Reply

    Hi Sreeja. Thanks for making this world a better place. Your query about bag cost. Can you call me at 9845740061 to understand more here? Like current size and kgs upto what it can hold. Also are you open to receive new unused item which fall under your contents? Thanks.

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