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  • Ski boots! Ah, when I wore them the first time, I felt like Leonardo DiCaprio's character in the film the Iron Mask where  in the last scene his face is covered with an iron Mask never to be removed again. 
I never thought feet can feel claustrophobic. But apparently they can. However,once you push through that difficulty there are many adventures to be had. 
Ski boots usually weigh a minimum of five kilos. They need to be correctly fitted. Getting your feet into them is like doing an intricate ballet move. You need to twist your feet into an angle, slide them through the column of the shoes, angle them again and slide your feet into position. I am sure I am exaggerating, but honestly that's exactly what I felt I was doing when I wore them for the first time. Hey, cut me some slack I am a girl from the tropics. 😊
Walking in your ski boots is like doing the robot-dance- move of the disco era. This I am not exaggerating. The weight of the shoes makes it a tad difficult to put one foot in front of the other easily. And the technique to walking effortlessly involves a heel-toe movement. Once you get the hang of it you are good to go, until you want to get out of them shoes...then you holler for help. 
All this will happen to you if you are a novice, which I was 😊
But it was fun!

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  • You might not live by the ocean, but you cannot escape her. From space, the Earth looks like a blue marble for a reason. 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. Saline, life-giving and oxygen-providing (the algae in the ocean alone generate 20 percent of the oxygen required by our planet). Powerful enough to change a shoreline or wipe away entire lands. That’s the ocean for you—unbridled power. Yet, humans meddle with her in the worst possible way. I worry that she is beginning to lose patience with our indifference.

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  • Hot chocolate on a stick. Am getting addicted to this. You will always find one or two of these in my travel bag. I know...I'm a bad bad girl but hey, it's always easy to burn those extra calories while on the road because there's nothing better than walking to get to know a new place. 😊

What about you? Do you have any favourite food that you carry with you on your travels?


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  • For over two decades I have stayed in numerous hotel rooms – from luxury to budget.  Hotel rooms have always made me wonder about the people that were there before me? Who were they? What kind were they? And the all-important question: Did someone die in this room?  For a traveller, a hotel room is both intimate and foreign. It is not as familiar as home, yet, it is a home away from home for a duration of time. To me, a hotel room has always been a  well-kept compact home -- a bed to snooze, a writing corner, space for dining, a closet to hold my clothes, toilet and shower, a television, a phone, wi-fi connection, flowers, pleasing artworks, and a view outside the window. And usually it is less than 500-600 sq ft. That’s all you need.

I write about this and more in my column #Wayfaring in this month's issue of National Geographic Traveller.

What do you feel about hotel rooms?

In the pic is a room from Dina Morgabine, Saint Gilles, Reunion Island. I fell in love with their stunning wall art. 
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  • The Wall of Kindness movement was started in Iran, by an anonymous Iranian in Mashhad, to serve the poor during the cold winter months.  Soon Iranians began painting the walls outside their homes and had clothes hanging from pegs for people who needed them. 
And the motto of the movement was painted on the walls clearly:  Leave if you do not need and take if you need.

Today the movement has spread to other countries as well. 
Do you know of any Wall of Kindness in your area?

#iran #wallofkindness #streetphotography #travel #travelgram #kindness #travelnotes
  • Ah.. what's in a name? Apparently, everything 😊
Somewhere in Saint-Pierre, Reunion.

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  • For all those people who are trying to share their stories with others on Instagram... #algorithm #instagram #changes #travelbloggers
  • There's a restaurant in Puri, Orissa, attached to the Nayak Beach Resort, that is dedicated to the 1983 World Cup winning Indian cricket team. India's first world cup.

There are paintings of all the members of the winning team dotting the walls of  the restaurant; each picture accompanied by a bat. Never mind that some of the people in the paintings might not recognise themselves, but one should appreciate the sentiments behind the gesture. 
The place mats have  the field settings of the matches played printed on them.  An entire wall of the restaurant has the scorecard of that final winning match — overs, runs et al. There are also framed bnw photographs of various moments of the winning match.

This is definitely one unique restaurant. 😊

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  • I didn't know, until the chef at Yautcha (1MG Mall, MG Road) told me  that the word Dim sum actually means...a touch of the heart. 
This is the Shanghai Siew Long Bun. There is a technique to eating this — tear the skin a little with your teeth, suck in the duck broth and then eat the dim sum which is filled with minced chicken and prawn.  Never gobble up a Shanghai Siew Long Bun — unless you want to scald your mouth

Apparently, Dim sum has to be eaten fresh and hot. Its life span is short — it dies when the steam evaporates and the cold settles on it. Never reheat dimsums.

How do you differentiate a good dim sum from a mediocre one? The filling. Follow the old Chinese principle and you will never go wrong: The less you eat, more the flavor; the more you eat, less the flavor. A good dimsum should have just the right amount of filling and not to the brim.

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